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3IP uses 3 interconnected platforms that are driven upwards and downwards together. While one car is parked on the available platform, the other car is parked on the lower level platform. To retrieve the upper car, system takes down both the platforms together. Lower car goes inside the pit while the upper car reaches the ground level that can be taken out. To take out the lower car, system takes up both the platforms together and lower car reaches the ground level.

General Specifications

  • Loading Capacity
    2000 Kgs per car
  • Drive
  • Coating
    Sand blasted, Epoxy Painted System.Hot Dip Galvanized platforms
  • PowerPack
    3 phase Induction Motor - 4 HP

Structural Loads of system

  • Vertical
    8000 Kgs
  • Horizontal
    1000 Kgs

Electrical Requirement for system

  • Incoming Supply
    3 phase, 50 Hz, 415 volts AC with Neutral and Earthing to every powerpack
  • Switchgear
    4 pole, 63 amps MCB for each powerpack
  • Cable from Main switch to MCB
    4 core, 2.5 sq mm, armoured Copper cable with a seperate earth wire

System Dimensions

Note: These are indicative figures only. For details, please refer our planning guide and contact our sales representatives.

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