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Tower has one lift that takes the cars up and down to upper levels or in the pit and sliding mechanism to put the parking platform at empty space. A tower can have as many as 25 levels above ground and/or 25 levels below ground making it one of the most efficient parking system. It is a fully automatic product with single entry/exit points. In normal cases it has a lift at the center and one row of parking to its either sides. Number of parking rows can be upto 3 at either sides but it increases average retrieval time to considerably.

General Specifications

  • Loading Capacity
    2000 Kgs per car
  • Drive
  • Coating
    Sand blasted, Epoxy Painted System.Hot Dip Galvanized platforms
  • Lifting Motor
    18.5 kw
  • Horizontal Motor
    1.5 kw
  • Turn Table Motor
    1.5 kw

Structural Loads of system

  • System
    Varies with change in number of grids and levels in a puzzle and type of installation (indoor or outdoor). Contact us for details.

Electrical Requirement for system

  • Incoming Supply
    3 phase, 50 Hz, 415 volts AC with Neutral and Earthing to every powerpack
  • Switchgear
    4 pole, MCB for each control panel (rating dependant on number of grids and levels in a puzzle)
  • Cable from Main switch to MCB
    4 core, 2.5 sq mm, armoured Copper cable with a seperate earth wire

System Dimensions

Min Positive Tolerance Graph

Note: indoor tower does not include baseplate which requires additional 200 mm width in the pit upper slab of machine room not considered in height, shall be added to total height of tower to get clear height required in case of indoor towers In case of indoor tower additional width and length shall be considered as per graph given below. Add the tolerance in tower dimensions to get shaft dimensions. The date given is for Single Tower of 1-1, for Double Length and Triple Length Towers and 0-1 to 3-3 towers, contact our representatives.

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