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Chess Parking has an elevator that takes the cars up and down to upper levels or in the basement along with a sliding mechanism called a traverser to park the parking platform in an empty space. In case of narrow driveways, a turntable is placed on the elevator along with the traverser to make parking and retrieval of the cars easier. The VertiPark Chess can have as many as 25 levels above ground and/or 25 levels below ground making it one of the most efficient parking systems. Every parking floor can have multiple active parking slots which can shuffle horizontally with the help of traversing units placed at every parking space. It is a fully automatic product with a single entry/exit point (normally located on ground level).

General Specifications

  • Loading Capacity
    2.5 tonnes
  • Drive
  • Coating
    Sand blasted, Epoxy Painted system.Hot Dip Galvanized platforms
  • Lifting Motor
    15 HP (may vary as per site conditions)
  • Turntable Motor
    2HP (may vary as per site conditions)
  • Traversing Motor
    2HP (may vary as per site conditions)

For structural load of systems in VertiPark chess:

  • System
    Varies with each project. Contact us for details.

Electrical Requirement for system

  • Incoming Supply
    3 phase, 50 Hertz, 380-420 volts AC supply is required for the operation of VertiPark Chess.
  • Switchgear
    4 pole, 100 amperes, MCB shall be given by the client near the Parking System Control Panel.
  • Cable from Main switch to MCB
    A 5 core Copper cable with a current carrying capacity of at least 1.5 times the trip current of MCB shall be used by the client to connect the MCB to the Supply Meter of the building via Main Switch in the meter room.

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