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3RC PuzzlePark has 3 levels viz entry, middle and lower. Entry-level platforms are driven horizontally using a motor connected to traction. Middle and Lower level platforms are driven vertically using one cylinder connected to both platforms. To drive out any car parked on middle level platforms, entry-level platforms shift to their left or right positions making a space clear to bring down respective middle level platform. Cars parked on entry-level platforms can be directly driven out while to retrieve lower level cars, connected middle level car shall be retrieved manually.

General Specifications

  • Loading Capacity
    2000 Kgs per car
  • Drive
  • Coating
    Sand blasted, Epoxy Painted System.Hot Dip Galvanized platforms
  • PowerPack
    3 phase Induction Motor - 4 HP

Structural Loads of system

  • Vertical
    8000 Kgs
  • Horizontal
    700 Kgs

Electrical Requirement for system

  • Incoming Supply
    3 phase, 50 Hz, 415 volts AC with Neutral and Earthing to every powerpack
  • Switchgear
    4 pole, 63 amps MCB for each powerpack
  • Cable from Main switch to MCB
    4 core, 2.5 sq mm, armoured Copper cable with a seperate earth wire

System Dimensions

Note: These are indicative figures only. For details, please refer our planning guide and contact our sales representatives.

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