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Electrical Data

  • Scope
  • By Client
    Incoming supply 3ph, 415VAC with neutral & earth (3phtntc) per unit
  • By Client
    Control switchgear 4pole RCBO (EICLB + MCB) B2 Amp with leakage current 100ma per power pack.
  • By Client Cable Size from meter room to control switchgear near power pack
    5 core x 2.5 sq.mm flexible copper multicore around cable. From main meter room to control panel.
  • By Client
    Seprate earthing
  • By Client
    Marked main switch, lockable to prevennt misuse by unauthorised person.

Material Specification

  • Structural Material
    Mild steal
  • Process on Material
    Sand Blasting
  • Coating
    Powder coating (upto 70 microns)
  • Platform type
    GI corrgated profiles with GI z-profing
  • Platform thickness
    1.66 gavge
  • Cables
    Polycab or Equivalent
  • Safety system
    Mechanical fall protector