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2IC PuzzlePark has 2 levels viz entry and upper. Entry-level platforms are driven horizontally using a motor connected to traction. Upper level platforms are driven vertically using individual cylinders connected to each platform. To drive out any car parked on upper level platforms, entry-level platforms shift to their left or right positions making a space clear to bring down respective upper level platform. Cars parked on entry-level platforms can be directly driven out.

General Details

  • Max Load
    2000 Kgs
  • Load Per Wheel
    650 Kgs
  • Operations
  • Type
    Indoor / Outdoor
  • Working
    Hydraulically Driven / Elecrically Operated
  • Material used
    Mild Steel (FE410, FE4910)
  • Coating
    Powder Coated or Hot Dip Galvanised


  • Residential
    Independent Parking Only
  • Commercial
    Independent Parking
  • Hotels
    Independent Parking
  • Malls
    Independent Parking

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