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1IH uses a platform that is driven upwards and downwards. Another platform, known as Dummy platform is mounted on top of the parking platform. This dummy platform has provision to do tiling or for installing the turf. A car is parked on the platform when it is at the ground level. When driven downwards to its maximum level, the tiling or turf flushes with the neighboring landscape. A car can be parked on the dummy platform, if required.

General Details

  • Max Load
    2000 Kgs
  • Load Per Wheel
    650 Kgs
  • Operations
  • Type
    Indoor / Outdoor
  • Working
    Hydraulically Driven / Elecrically Operated
  • Material used
    Mild Steel (FE410, FE4910)
  • Coating
    Powder Coated or Hot Dip Galvanised


  • Residential
  • Commercial
    Independent Parking
  • Hotels
    Independent Parking
  • Malls
    Independent Parking

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